Woodman Jr. High’s Band

Woodman Jr. High School

Ms. Maystrowich

 Ms. Maystrowich has been a band director for the CBE for 14 years. She started her career at Vincent Massey from 2005 – 2018, with the exception of  2012-2013 where she taught music at Henry Wise Wood High School. This is her first year teaching at Woodman School and has enjoyed getting to know the students and staff over the past few months. Ms. Maystrowich has been involved with numerous musical organizations throughout her performance career and she was music director with the Calgary Round Up Band for three years. She currently plays the Clarinet as a member at large with the Alberta Winds. She is a former member of the Bronze Jazz Band, through the Westwinds Society, where she played Bass Trombone and she was the former principal chair of the University of Western Ontario Orchestra, Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Bands.  She spent several summers with the Canadian Forces’ Ceremonial Guard Band in Ottawa before coming to Calgary to work as a school band teacher. She is currently learning how to play the Bagpipes and is looking forward to joining the Calgary Police Pipe Band.



  • Afsarah, Faiza
  • Bryant, Danica
  • Burcevski, Angelina
  • Fox, Katie
  • McKinney, Brooklyn
  • Pageau, Isabella
  • Smith, Paige


  • Allard, Sylviane


  • Barber, Sydney
  • Dobson, Erika
  • Hewamanage, Sanuli
  • Jinjika, Faith
  • Kim, Mindy
  • Mackenzie, Sophie
  • Morse, Emelia

Bass Clarinet

  • Walker, Alexandra

Alto Saxophone

  • Caleffi, Mia
  • Jackson, Molly
  • MacPherson-Hess, Ella
  • Mogga, Sarah
  • Tavakoli, Leslie

Tenor Saxophone

  • Allard, Reese
  • Boutalbi, Bassam
  • Eden, Owen


  • Al, Zain
  • Elgendy, Jana
  • Gentilini, Baptiste
  • Jenkins, Veronica
  • Karns, Rogan
  • Lyseng, Keaton
  • Obrecht, Helen
  • Symcox, Olivia
  • Webster, Kieran

French Horn

  • Hoebers, Jack
  • Klukus, Hayden


  • Avila, JR
  • Ben Moshe, Yakov
  • Embury, Madeleine
  • Macza, Alanna
  • McDonnell, Abbey
  • Ward, Laurel


  • Chan, Zoe
  • Rettie, Leo


  • Obrigewitsch, Sophie
  • Szojka, Benedict


  • Gazaille, Marshall
  • Hegel, Scarlet
  • Rahman, Daiyan
  • Townsend, Kyle