Scarlett Wind Ensemble

Dr. E.P. Scarlett Wind Ensamble

Mr. Paul Brown

 Paul James Michael Brown was born in Calgary Alberta. Early on, Paul’s grandfather Jack Brown, a vocalist, donated a piano to the Brown family living room, and lessons began shortly thereafter with Deborah Finkleman. Music in school provided the opportunity to create and express music in an ensemble setting and this became a new passion.

 Paul later joined the Calgary Round-up Band followed by the Calgary Stampede Showband, with whom he travelled the world while completing his Bachelor of Music and Education at the University of Calgary. At the U of C, he studied trombone performance with James Scott and conducting from Dr. Glenn Price. Paul volunteered with the Round-up Band and discovered his true calling. He finished his Education degree and began teaching with the CBE at A.E. Cross Jr. High in 1995.

 After eight wonderful years, Paul accepted a position at Dr. E.P. Scarlett were he continues to enjoy working with some of the finest student musicians in the city. Paul ended his career with the Bands of Calgary in 2002 as music coordinator and co-director of the Stampede Showband, and now stays connected as a judge for the Stampede Parade and Showbands Live Competition. Paul Brown has been a volunteer with the Alberta International Band Festival for the past 24 years. He continues to play his trombone and performs regularly with the Westwinds North Gold Jazz Band, and is the music director of the Westwinds Symphonic Band.



  • Bennett, Annika
  • Byers, Tiana
  • Kim, Rachel
  • Unrau, Janelle
  • Weatherill, Julia
  • Zang, Luana


  • Bye, Cassidy
  • Frostad, Sara


  • Beach, Noah
  • Blair, Dorian
  • Fu, Jialu
  • McKinney, Hayden
  • Mwaura, Linet
  • Peng, Jessica
  • Schmidt, Kaitlyn
  • Tran, Gavin
  • Archibald, Laura
  • Morton, Georgia

Bass Clarinet

  • Green, Sage
  • Huve, Thomas
  • Patterson, Kendall
  • St. Omer, A.J.

Alto Saxophone

  • Henkel, Carter
  • Part, Jack
  • Sample, Trent

Tenor Saxophone

  • Khromova, Liza
  • Stuckey, Kaelten
  • Thompson, Jordyn

Baritone Saxophone

  • Kelman, Wilson
  • Shustova, Julia


  • Babin, Catherine
  • Danh, Tyson
  • Kawchuck, Rory
  • Kohlen, Amber
  • Lim, Andy
  • Thompson, Olivia

French Horn

  • Giberson, Katie
  • Greenaway, Molly
  • Hatchette, Abbie
  • Goreno-Gris, Liam
  • Ralph, Donovan


  • Coolidge, Evan
  • Gaulin, Jonah
  • Nelson, Andrew
  • Geislinger, Aaron


  • Gidluck, Gabe
  • Nolan, Raleigh
  • Xu, Michael

Bass (String)

  • Lhalungpa, Maya
  • Xie, Lily


  • Bresky, Lief
  • McDonald, Rhianna
  • Reid, Spencer
  • Stuckert, Kayla
  • Ellis, Tate