Dr. E.P. Scarlett Grade 10 Band

Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School Grade 10 Band

Mr. Kaj Morawski

 Kaj Morawski is currently one of the music teachers at Dr. E.P Scarlett High School until the end of this school year. He is directing the Grade 10 Concert Band, the Grade 10-12 Choir, and the Jazz 2 ensemble.

 Kaj Morawski received his Bachelor of Music degree in Clarinet Performance from the University of Calgary in 2017. He spent this time in Calgary as a performer and clinician, and taught at the Calgary Round-Up Band. Kaj earned his Bachelor of Education degree in Music from the University of British Columbia in 2018, and now teaches music in Calgary Board of Education schools, most recently at Queen Elizabeth High School. In his spare time, Kaj plays with the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra as well as Alberta Winds where he now sits on the board following more than 5 seasons performing with the ensemble.



  • Kim, Hannah


  • Francey, Marina
  • Freeborn, Alayna
  • Han, Suah
  • Hill, Jackson
  • Hong, Richard
  • Johnson-Steeves, Virginia
  • Kim, Hannah
  • Legge, Hannah
  • Mehari, Elim
  • Palmer, Joelle
  • Reid, Catherine
  • Russel, Graydon
  • Smith, Paytton
  • Yu, Melody
  • Yuan, Nina
  • Geng Zhang, Michael


  • Blair, Brianna
  • Heninger, Emily
  • Hmer, Farah
  • Huurman, Kira
  • Keuben, Avery
  • Milner, Isabelle
  • Ryoo, Gemma

Bass Clarinet

  • Kurelski, Devin

Alto Saxophone

  • Broderick, Kya
  • Isturiz, Andres
  • Kassim, Emad
  • Smith, Lauryn
  • Tewoldemedhin, Salem

Tenor Saxophone

  • Bibby, Grayson
  • McDonald, Robbie
  • Newton-Rolfe, Emma
  • Tremblett, Alix

Baritone Saxophone

  • Keeshan, Sophia


  • Carsolio, Kianna
  • Chitre, Mihir
  • Dyck-Kahle, Alister
  • Lacey, Joshua
  • Long, Carys
  • Palmer, Avril
  • Tuckey, Jack
  • Warren, Joel

French Horn

  • Hrehirchuk, Alex
  • Oland, Georgia
  • Ralph, Donavan


  • Cobb, Will
  • Taylor, Maya
  • Wehnes, Hendrik
  • Xinkun Zhang, Michael


  • Rehman, Jacob
  • Schimnosky, Tiana
  • Tapley, Caale


  • Devine, Cameron
  • Wight, Zachary
  • Woodgate, Julian


  • Brooks, Jack
  • Campbell, Liam


  • Ellis, Tate
  • Mark, Charlize
  • Mogensen, Remiah
  • Mukherjee, Digvijay
  • Steckler, Dylan
  • Tokarev, Alexander
  • Waldner, Katia