Robert Warren Jr. High’s Band

Robert Warren Jr. High School

Mrs. Kirsty Gilliland

 Kirsty Gilliland has been teaching at Robert Warren for 6 years. She is an energetic and bubbly person who is happy to challenge her students. Kirsty has been a performing member of the Calgary Stampede Band of Outriders for 13 years and specializes in woodwind instruments. Her favourite colour is orange and her nickname with the students is Rainbow Hulk(Although they don’t want to see that version of her).



  • Choi, Jiwon
  • Giesbrecht, Reign
  • Ortiz, Lucia
  • Ottenhof, Korbin
  • Sawers, Chloe
  • Scratch, David
  • Shankardass, Anisha
  • Whieldon, Davis


  • Snow, Maggie


  • Ashby-Winters, Katherine
  • Bhachu, Sun
  • Brennan, Sophie
  • Campo Diaz, Ashley
  • Coan, Paige
  • Dowsett, Skyla
  • Gao, Stephanie
  • Gillespie, Kaydence
  • Irahteta Garmendia, Hazel
  • Kuzuchar, William
  • Lutz, Jennaya
  • Montgomery, Abigail
  • Piazzi, Lara
  • Somerwill, Rowan

Bass Clarinet

  • Ayafer, Jesse
  • Geisbrecht, Julia

Alto Saxophone

  • Drummond, Morgan
  • Ford, Brenna
  • Miller Bailey
  • Ricciardi, Alicia
  • Walt, Mya

Tenor Saxophone

  • Cobey, Agustin
  • Davidson, Isbella
  • Fodness Jorja

Bass Saxophone

  • Matthews, Daniella
  • Ricciardi, Angelina


  • Allcock, Miranda
  • Arnott, Jaiden
  • Koran, Alyce
  • Koshy, Aiden
  • Mena Saldivar, Juan
  • Mooney, Stella
  • Rodriguez, Laila
  • Wang, Queenie
  • Wilson, Alysha
  • Winter, Aiden

French Horn

  • Giesbrecht, Hailey


  • Burrill, Matthew
  • Hwang, Felicia
  • Wight, Tenor


  • Bauer, Sophia
  • Hallett, Andrew
  • Krygier, Solara
  • Lal, Trisha
  • Santos Nunez, Diego


  • Arellano, Aaron

Bass (String)

  • Dyck-Kahle, Lukas
  • Mayer, Andrew
  • Tesanovic, Stefan


  • Beresh, Jack
  • Broderick, Chantel
  • Desrosiers, Lily
  • McKellar, Annalee
  • Werner Enns, Kadin

Robert Warren Senior Band

 The Robert Warren Senior band is made up of 63 grade 8 and 9 students. Most of this group has been
playing together since they were in grade 5. The band is looking forward to heading to the Edmonton
Cantando festival in April where they will perform at the Windspear centre.