Louis Riel Jr. High’s Band

Louis Riel Jr. High School

Mr. Jeff Part

 Jeff Part received his Music and Education Degrees from the University of Calgary. He is enjoying his sixth year as Music Director at Louis Riel School.

 Prior to Working at Louis Riel, Jeff started music programs at both Langevin Junior High School and Terry Fox Junior High School. He has taught private lessons, directed church choirs and has been a professional musician in the City of Calgary and abroad for many years. He is currently an active member of the A.B.A. /A.S.C.A.P. /N.A.S.A. (North American Saxophone Alliance and the MST3K Revival League. In his spare time Mr. Part enjoys goaltending, curling, ukulele and ska bands. Jeff is well over four feet tall.



  • Abbasnejad, Pardis
  • Bian, Derek
  • Chan, Sarina
  • Chen, Ambrose
  • Comanescu, Clara
  • Deng, Ivy
  • Deng, Jiao
  • Fanzhu, Dorothy
  • Feng, Jeffrey
  • Gavrileva, Anna
  • Hendekci, Iris
  • Huang, Angela
  • Jiang, Christopher
  • Kim, Irene
  • Leskiw, Kowen
  • Liu, Alice
  • Parikh, Tvisha
  • Picard, Elizabeth
  • Piera, Herman
  • Vanslack, Amelia
  • Vyas, Aryan
  • Peng Xu, Peng
  • Yao, Ted
  • Yektaie Fard, Aaryan
  • Zhang, Angelina
  • Zhang, Jenny
  • Zhang, Jessica
  • Zhu, Gavin


  • Belecki, Brynn
  • Huang, Mackenzie
  • Lebon, Eve
  • Li, Jessamine
  • Li, Claire
  • Liu, Ryan
  • Monar, Olivia
  • Otis, Jasper
  • Qin, Vivian
  • Wang, Alisha
  • Wang, Victoria
  • Wei, Kerri
  • Wong, Trinity
  • Woo, Lauren
  • Zhang, Ryan
  • Zhang, Andy
  • Zhao, Renee
  • Bairagi, Sudipta
  • Guo, Lucia

Bass Clarinet

  • Adeyemi, Faruk
  • Ballard, Myles
  • Earles, Conner

Alto Saxophone

  • Buelow, Jade
  • Collins, Caroline
  • Ell, Liam
  • Li, Andy
  • Li, Cheryl
  • Martin, Kenzo
  • Shivji, Sarosh
  • Zhang, Matthew
  • Zhang, Georgia

Tenor Saxophone

  • Chaturvedi, Kushal
  • Gao, Edward
  • Peng, Timothy

Baritone Saxophone

  • Selebay, Sara

French Horn

  • Mills, Sylvie
  • Qu, Renee


  • Achtnig, Ethan
  • Argento, Dominic
  • Bergsma, Leif
  • Berkovich, David
  • Damji, Baraka
  • Dholoo, Maya
  • Gavriliuc, Emma
  • Goebel, Cole
  • Keller, Ava
  • Kerschner, Noel
  • Lee, Jason
  • Lilles, Hannah
  • Liu, Brooks
  • Milcius, Erika
  • Procter, Vikram
  • Qu, Owen
  • Sankar, Eshan
  • Simpson, Kieran
  • Visscher, Gavin
  • Xiang, David
  • Yuan, Justin
  • Zhan, Tony
  • S., James
  • Zhen, Jacob


  • Hozouri, Abtin
  • Li, Howard
  • Shi, Ivy
  • Vernon, Tyler
  • Yi, Jacob
  • Zhong, Ray


  • Spoonheim, Jonathan
  • Talati, Arav


  • Campbell, Jude
  • Switzer, Aidan
  • Wood, Spencer
  • Baruss, Niklas


  • Speers, Justin
  • Yu, Hilary


  • Jones, Jackson
  • Lima-Coelho, Adam
  • McAlister, Evan
  • Miller, Mark

Louis Riel

 Louis Riel provides a wealth of learning activities that assists with the personalized development of the individual abilities and talents of our students. A focus on teaching and learning emphasizes the core academic subjects as well as the fine arts and physical education. Teachers offer a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities designed to enrich and nurture the lives of our students. The Senior Concert Band is made up of grade 8 and 9 students. They meet every Thursday at lunch for rehearsal. They are currently preparing for our band camp and our year end concert in April.