Current Volunteer Needs and Information

Ongoing Volunteer Needs

Volunteers are an integral part of our music Program. Whatever your schedule, we can use your help in any of the following areas:

  • On the Executive or attend EPSMPA monthly meetings to assist the music directors and make the numerous decisions to enhance our music program. Become informed. Become involved.
  • With fundraising activities. Coordinate one specific fundraiser or assist with several. Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome.
  • Chaperoning students for concerts and on tours/camps.
  • With our annual Moonlight Knights Dinner Dance/Silent Auction, the tradition continues! With over thirty years of history, Moonlight Knights is consistently our most impressive and exciting events of the year. Be on the committee and share your ideas and expertise. Detailed notes are available. It is a lot of fun as well as work. All music parents are asked to volunteer for a one half-hour to one hour shift during the evening of this event.


    See below for instructions on how to obtain your police background check.

    It is imperative that all parents that are able to volunteer for the music program complete the required police background check and CBE volunteer registration form.

    Your security clearance is valid for five years and the $15 cost is covered by the CBE. They are also transferable from other CBE schools for that five year time period.

    You must also complete an annual CBE Volunteer Registration Form (found here.).

    As the adjective “annual” suggests, this must be completed every year 🙂

EP Scarlett Volunteer Form 2017:2018