Vic Lewis Festival T-Shirts And Hoodies Now Available For Order

October is fast approaching, which bring the annual dilemma of what to gift to friends and loved ones in celebration of Franz Liszt’s birthday on the 22nd.  It’s hard, right?  Because how many audio recordings of  the ‘Hungarian Rhapsodies’ should one person own?  Twelve?  That seems like too many.

Here’s an alternate idea: the Vic Lewis Band Festival is once again offering shirts (both short and long sleeved) and hoodies* for purchase.  They’re a neutral colour with an elegant design, look comfy, and are reasonably priced ($15 for the short-sleeved, $20 for the long-sleeved, and $35 for the hoodie).  Franz would approve.

Order forms are found here.  Orders and payments must be delivered to Mr. Brown before October 4th, with cheques made payable to Mountain Arts Foundation.

Vic lewis mock up 3 styles 2019

*technically should be called a bunny hug, but whatever.