The 38th annual EP Scarlett Moonlight Knights Gala Dinner, Dance, and Silent Auction (EPSMKGDDSA for short) is fast approaching, and tickets for this highly anticipated event on April 6th are awaiting your purchase.

New this year are on-line ticket sales.  You can purchase your admission to this event by moseying on over to the Event Tickets tab on this blog’s main menu, or by clicking here.  As in previous years, tickets are $45 each—inflation is not welcome at EPSMKGDDSA.

Seating for this event will be assigned once your purchase has been confirmed; get the deets on the seats here.  

All Music Program families are asked to contribute one new item for the Silent Auction.  Suggestions include theme baskets (coffee, chocolates, games, etc), handmade items such as quilts and scarves, art work, music related items, gift certificates, event passes/tickets, etc.  Cash and corporate donations are also welcome.

Please note: we respectfully request donated items be at the school or delivered to 114 Lake Erie Place by Friday, March 9th.  Please print and complete MLK Parent Record of Donation For Silent Auction and attach it firmly to your contribution, so that we can acknowledge it at the auction and value it appropriately.

If you are the kind of person who likes to have your cake and eat it too, you could consider purchasing grocery cards through the Music Program’s on-going fundraiser (info here), earn some travel money for your student, and then donate the cards to the Moonlight Knights Committee.  The Committee will then use the funds to make a giant platter of nachos offset the expenses from the bar and student snacks.

For lo, the students must be fed.   The EPSMKGDDSA Committee is requesting a number of snack table items to be brought to the school on the night of the event, to keep our stars of the evening nourished, happy and sufficiently hydrated so they can spit into their instruments.  To contribute at item or two to this worthy cause, click here.

No less worthy of attention is our need for parent volunteers to help keep the Organizing Committee from losing their minds on the night of the event.  Various MLK departments will need a hand for a half hour to an hour in the afternoon and evening of April 6th; view the list of areas and volunteer times required and sign-up here.  

Music Directors and all-around good guys Mr. Brown and Mr. Bell will be providing a schedule of performance times shortly, if you wish to coordinate your volunteer time around your student’s performances.  We will post that schedule once it has been confirmed.

For those of you that have not attended this fundraiser before, the buffet dinner officially starts at 7 pm, but you’ll definitely want to arrive early (doors open at 6 pm) to find your seats, get your drinks, and peruse the Silent Auction items.  Try your luck with a loot bag filled with assorted items and purchase a WestJet raffle ticket or six.  Jazz band combos will begin showing off their skills around 6:20 pm, setting the bar high for the performances during the dinner and dance.

The best part of the evening comes at 11 pm, when Mr. Bell leads the attendees in a rousing rendition of Barney’s ‘Clean Up Song’‘ and everyone pitches in to clear tables, put away chairs, move tables back to the cafeteria, collect decor from the tables and walls to save them for another school’s event, disassemble the stage and move it back to storage, and recycle all that is possible.  Assuming everything has gone to plan re: parent volunteers helping out during the evening (see paragraph 8, above), we’ll all be out the door in very short order.  

Any questions or concerns regarding EPSMKGDDSA can be directed to our equally unwieldy e-mail address: 

We are truly appreciative of your support, be it financial and/or time and energy, of this event.