‘Twas The Night Before The Concert

While legitimately excited about the Royal Engagement announcement from Clarence House earlier this week, we were nonetheless a wee put out there was no mention from them of EP Scarlett’s upcoming Winter Concert, an event of equal importance in our lives.

This post aims to correct that error of omission *coughs delicately, adjusts tiara*.

First up: students should have committed to memory the schedule for tomorrow, as well as all of the key details that are so critical to making this event run smoothly.  In the event that they have been distracted from this task by trigonometric functions and/or the latest plot twists on ‘Riverdale’, you will find it helpfully attached to the bottom of this post.  You’re welcome.

A very important point to remember:  Students need to consume their dinner prior to changing into their uniform and boarding the buses, so they should plan to either bring food from home or purchase something quick and simple (and healthy? Or is that too much to ask?) from the local mall.  Buses begin loading at 4:15, with a departure of 4:30 pm.

For families and friends attending the concert, admission can be purchased at the door for those that have not already purchased in advance.  The cost is $12, and bring a few extra loonies for the 50/50 draw-we’ve got a really good feeling about your ticket!

Second: The EP Scarlett Music Parents Association is pleased to assist with the school’s Helping Hampers, and are inviting all attendees tomorrow to join the campaign.  The hampers will go to five Scarlett families and two Canyon Meadows Elementary families.  We are collecting any of the following:

  • non-perishable food items
  • household cleaning items
  • personal hygiene items
  • new gifts/gift cards

Bring your donations with you to the Bella and we will ensure they are added to the hampers.    Thank you in advance for your kind and generous support, and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

Winter concert information and instructions Page 1

Winter concert information and instructions Page 2