Tux Uniform Shirt Sizing Tomorrow (October 17th) At Flex

All Music Program students have now been sized for their uniforms, and most have them safely ensconced in their closets.

If you will be wearing a tux, you may be wondering what to wear under your suit jacket, and if you haven’t been wondering, you should have been, because unless you are a member of ABBA (you aren’t; we checked with the Swedish Consulate) AND it’s 1976 (it’s not; we checked a calendar), the suit-jacket-with-no-shirt look is brutto och inte acceptabelt. 

Enter EPSMPA Uniform Coordinator Leah to save the day—again.

Tomorrow during Flex Time, there will be a representative from Black & Lee in the Jazz Room to fit any Band and Choir students who require a Tuxedo Shirt for this year.  This will be the only opportunity to get sized at school.  Please encourage your student to come by, it is a very quick process.  

Black & Lee offers us the White Wing Shirts & Cufflinks for $40.  While there is no obligation to purchase this uniform requirement from them specifically, this is a good rate, and offers the additional convenience of stopping by the store to pick up the correct size for your student which they will have set aside for you.

Black & Lee is located at 9737 Macleod Trail SW #670, Calgary, AB T2J 0P6

If your student does not get sized tomorrow, you are responsible for making your own arrangements for the sizing and purchasing of a tux shirt.  

Uniform-related questions should be directed to ellis.leah@gmail.com.  Ask nicely and she might also give you her best tricks for fixing a faulty cummerbund, at no additional cost.