‘Tis The Season To Sort Chocolate

It’s not quite the best day ever-it can’t be while ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ still exists on this earth-but it’s close: the Purdys chocolate orders are in!

Some assistance with sorting and handing out would be greatly appreciated, so if that sounds like your jam, here are the ground rules:

  1. You will need to be available tonight (December 11th) from 7 pm until 9 pm in Auburn Bay for sorting.
  2. No sampling.
  3. Alternatively, you would need to be available from 3 pm until 6 pm on Wednesday (December 13th) to hand out orders in the school Music Room.
  4. Hey, we said no sampling!

Please contact Purdys Fundraising Coordinator Adrienne at asample37@gmail.com, and she will divulge her address and any other pertinent details, as well as confirm that her last name really is Sample, which makes her the perfect person to oversee this operation.

Thank you for your support of this fundraiser!