Time Is Running Out For Discounted WFTS and Moonlight Knights Tickets

Four consecutive days of AIBF and the B’s are bushed.  Fortunately for us, they are exceedingly amusing when tired.  For example, yesterday Mr. Brown instructed the woodwinds to play mezzo forte, when his conductor’s score indicated they should actually be playing forte.  And Mr. Bell identified a chord as a dominant 7th when it was clearly a diminished 7th.  Hilarious stuff.

However!  They are serious about saving you a few dollars, hence this reminder that today is the last day to purchase discounted tickets for April 5th’s Moonlight Knights Gala (regular price tickets will be available until March 25th), and tomorrow is the last day to order discounted tickets for the Winds From The South concert on March 5th.

Winds From The South ticket order form is found here, and the link to purchase Moonlight Knights tickets is found here.