The EPSMPA Desperately Needs A Volunteer

Skill Testing Question: What takes approximately five hours and pays $79 (tax-free) into your student’s fundraising account?

If you answered, “One shift as a cashier at the Saddledome”, then you are correct.  Congratulations!  Have a fun-size Mars bar.

For several years, the EPSMPA has partnered with the Flames organization to give opportunities to Music Program parents and students to volunteer at Flames, Hitmen, Roughnecks, and Stampeder games.  Volunteer duties involve working the tills, pouring beer, and serving food.  While most shifts are for those in the 18+ age bracket, some shifts are available for students as young as 15.

There are also options to work shorter shifts of approximately 3 hours, for which you are paid $49 (tax-free) as a “runner” for patrons that order food and beverages to be brought directly to their seats.

Music Parents have used this program to raise thousands of dollars, which paid for their student’s camps and trips.  Unfortunately, we are at risk of losing this valuable fundraising option: Mark Kuipers, multiple Olympic Games attendee and our long-time and diligent Flames Fundraising Coordinator has moved on, which is a huge loss for our Music Program.  Without someone to take over this role, we will be required to terminate our partnership with the Flames organization. 

To assist in the recruiting, Mark has provided the following pros and cons of the Coordinator position:


-takes only about 1 to 2 hours a week from August to April
-the primary required skill is an ability to send e-mails
-can be done from the comfort of your couch
-wearing of pajamas while sending the e-mails is permitted



“But blog”, you say, “I don’t like pajamas and I certainly don’t have fancy ones like Mark (probably) has.” Have no fear: Mark knows a guy who knows a guy who can set you up with any pajamas you want.  Also, he will provide training and support as you transition into your new role.

This position is extremely important to our Music Program and we hope someone—ideally YOU, because you’re our favourite—will find it in their heart and schedule to take it on.  E-mail us at indicating your willingness to help, along with your pajama size.  You’re going to love working with us!