The Cash Calendar Fundraiser Has Launched

Great News! It’s not just the name of a show we loved that was tragically cancelled after only two seasons.  It is also our reaction to hearing the 2019/2020 EP Scarlett Music Program Cash Calendar Fundraiser (EPSMPCCF, for short) is again underway.

You may have noticed white envelopes with raffle tickets and an information sheet coming home with your student; if not, then please look out for them. Each band/choir member has been asked to sell six (6) Cash Calendar tickets this year to raise funds for our much loved music program.  Check the information sheet provided with the tickets for details and deadlines.

The tickets cost $10 each and there will be four draws, each with a cash prize of $500.  Every sold ticket will be entered into every draw.  Winning tickets are placed back into the draw drum and are therefore eligible for the remaining draws as well.

Think of what you could do with 500 dollars!
-order custom-made sunglasses for your dog
-fill a bathtub with nachos
-bribe NBC to get Great News back on the air  

Draws will take place at E.P. Scarlett on the following dates:

January 21st
February 18th
March 17th
April 9th (Moonlight Nights Gala Eve)

Winners will be notified directly and names posted on the blog and in the Scarlett Fever (first name and first initial of last name only), along with any ticket numbers that were not included in the draw (due to loss or not sold).  Be sure to check the blog following these dates to check that your ticket was included and that we haven’t been desperately trying to get in touch to say that you are $500 richer!

ALL tickets, sold or unsold, MUST be returned to Mr Brown or Mr Bell on or before November 21st, in order to comply with Alberta Gaming rules and regulations.  Any tickets not returned by this date will not be included in the draws.

Please return any unsold tickets as soon as possible to allow other band members the opportunity to sell them.  

Any questions or concerns about this fundraiser can be sent to  Thank you for your support!