Spring Concert Volunteers, Uniforms, Tickets, And More

On an otherwise ordinary day in mid-May, the EP Scarlett Music Program is excited to surprise you with *elaborate trumpet fanfare* the following announcements!

  1. Volunteers are (desperately) still required for the Spring Concert tomorrow.  It’s easy!  You get a free concert ticket for your services!  And you’ll be doing Mr. Brown and the students a huge favour!  Won’t somebody please think of the children?!
    Link to the sign-up is found here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090849aba922a6f58-drep5
  2. Speaking of students, are their uniforms concert-ready?  You should run through the Uniform Preparedness Flowchart to be absolutely sure.
  3. Day-of concert schedule for students is found here.
  4. For those that are unable to take advantage of the ‘free tickets for volunteering’ gig, you will be able to purchase them at the door with cash, debit tap, or credit.
    Please note that there is a surcharge of .10/ticket for debit tap transactions, and .35/ticket for credit transactions.
    Cash machines are also on premises; withdrawals have a surcharge of an arm and a leg.
  5. June grocery card orders are due in the Music Room office by the end of the day on May 21st.  Alternatively, order on-line with e-transfer payment through our store found here: https://epscarlettmusic.com/shop
  6. The Emperor’s New Groove is the best Disney animated movie of all time. (This is not related in any way to the Scarlett Music Program, we just felt it needed to be said.)