Spring Break Reminders From The Music Program

During the Spring Break, remember to:

  1. Check your smoke alarms and replace the battery if it’s more than 1 year old.  Replace the entire alarm if it is more than 10 years old.
  2. Purchase your Moonlight Knights Gala tickets online (or via cash or e-transfer by e-mailing epscarlettmoonlightknights@yahoo.com).  Deadline for ticket purchases is March 29th.  Will we sell tickets after the 29th of March?  We will not, as the caterer needs a firm number of attendees a week in advance.
  3. Check out our student snack table and night-of assistance sign-ups and see if something there catches your eye.
  4. Deliver your Silent Auction donation item to Carolyn at 114 Lake Erie Place SW.  A drop-off time can be arranged by calling 403-370-3420 (cell) or 403-271-3059 (home).
  5. Shove your capri pants and sandals back into storage, you adorable optimist!  More snow and cold temperatures await.