REMINDER: Great way to fundraiser for the Whistler Trip in April!!!CALGARY FLAMES & SPORT VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES


Thank you for your interest in the Calgary Sport and Entertainment Corporation (CSEC) fundraising program to support your Dr EP Scarlett musician.  This is an OPTIONAL fundraising opportunity involving Flames, Hitmen, Roughneck and Stampeder games. 

If you go through the training process you will be able to work games and the money you make will be deposited in your member’s account.

The next CSEC in person training session will be in November. Prior to attending one of these in person sessions you must complete the below training and submit your course completion certificates to me.

Food Safe (Alberta Food Safety Basics Interactive Course) can be obtained free of charge from AHS here:

If over the age of 18, Proserve can be obtained for a fee from AGLC here:

The Waiver can be signed off electronically here:

After these have been submitted, CSEC will then have an online program triggered for each fundraiser to complete (approximately 60 minutes)

ALL STEPS ARE MANDATORY to attend in-person training.

There will also be another training in November (date to be confirmed) so don’t stress if you can’t get all of the below done in the next week!

Once you are trained, you can work as a Cashier/Helper which is a 5.5 hour shift that earns $79 or as a Runner which is a 3 hour shift earning $49 per shift. Students over 15 can also participate in this program.

Thank you for your interest as we relaunch this program.  Please feel free to get back to me with any questions,

Carolynn Tooth