Registration Reminders, Volunteers Needed

We’ve been dreading it and just the thought makes our stomachs churn—the constant advertisements and hype makes it impossible to ignore—but with less than two weeks left of summer vacation it’s time to acknowledge that pumpkin spiced lattes have returned.

*everyone with normal tastebuds* “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”*

In less disgusting news, the on-line EP Scarlett Music Program Registration is ready and waiting for ALL students to complete before August 29th.  You should have received a package in the mail with instructions on how to register, as well as an in-city field trip form, information on fundraising options, and a note about the Music Program Gala in April of next year.

If you haven’t received the package, or “misplaced” it (GASP), the bulk of the information can be found in the links below or by idly scrolling and randomly clicking on our blog (NOTE: the forms for in-city field trips must be obtained from Mr. Brown or Mr. Bell):

On-line Registration
CBE Instrument Rental Agreement Form
Fundraising For Your Student
Fundraising For The Program’s General Fund
CBE Volunteer Form

Several students have already completed the on-line portion, many—many—more have yet to do so.  (Not that this is a competition, but the grade 11 Music Program students are clearly Best in Class with the greatest percentage of registrations completed to date, though the 10’s are not too far behind.  As for the grade 12 Music Program students: wherefore art thou?)

Once your on-line registration is submitted, your Music Program obligations are complete… until August 29th.  ALL Music Program students are asked to drop by the Music Room sometime between 9 am and noon on the 29th to hand-in forms and payment confirmations, get sized for a uniform, check out Mr. Bell’s surgically repaired ankle (sturdy) and test Mr. Brown’s French Horn repair skills (excellent).  Please make every effort to attend, as it helps Mssrs. Brown and Bell significantly reduce the time spent on paperwork at the beginning of the school year.  

A request from Leah Ellis, Uniform Coordinator and Seamstress to the Stars: she requires four parent and four student helpers to assist with sizing and distribution of uniforms on August 29th.  Submit your application via e-mail to; no previous experience necessary, every application is guaranteed approved.

One final note: if  you no longer wish to receive blog notifications *cries*, because you are no longer part of the EP Scarlett Music Program *cries harder*, you can unsubscribe by clicking the aptly named ‘Unsubscribe’ link below.  All the best to you, you crazy kids! We’ll miss you! *sniffles, wipes nose on sleeve*