Registration August 30th, 9 AM ‘Til Noon

‘Twas the eve of registration
The Band Room was ready. 
Brown and Bell were relaxed,
Their nerves holding steady. 

The Music Directors
Had completed their chores
And waited for students
To step through the doors. 

Their diabolical plan?
It’s a great work of art: 
Have students come early
To get a head start

On the organization
Of the Scarlett school band  
(Only one of the reasons
They’re best in the land). 

All families were told,
Pre-register online
Then on August the 30th
Start arriving at 9.’

Fit tuxes! Submit forms!
Reserving your instrument!
Payments to make in full
Or instalments!

Advised of this plan
The students were surly-
A summer of sleeping now
9 o’clock is too early. 

We’re here to assure that
You’ll have until noon.    
The process is simple;
You’ll be on your way soon.