Purdys Fundraiser Is Now Up And Running

Not that you needed any more good news, what with the upcoming weekend and the weather outside looking…

[glances out window]
[sees watering cans and patio umbrella hurl past on gale force winds]
[mutters angrily, closes blinds]

…fresh and breezy, but we’re going to announce this anyway: the annual Purdys fundraiser is now active!  Let’s go live on location to our Purdys fundraiser coordinator Adrienne:

“Our Holiday Purdy’s Campaign is ready to go!

The Purdy’s fundraiser is one of our most successful each year, and it is an easy way for students to earn funds for upcoming band trips.  All chocolates are the same price as buying in the stores and the students earn 25% on the orders.

Use this link to connect to the Purdy’s Fundraising Page:


Register as a supporter – once registered choose our campaign.  If you have participated in the program before you will sign in as a Returning Customer.

Campaign: 36461  – Dr. E.P. Scarlett Holiday Band Fundraiser

At the top of the page you will see the 2nd tab from the right “Send Invites”.  Here you can send out your request for friends & family to support your child.  You can add a personal note, and information like maybe what your student is raising funds for, or when you will deliver their order.  (It is best if students pick up their orders and deliver to their customers).

Your customers, choose the 3rd tab, “Shop Online” and add the products they want to their cart and orders are paid for by credit card when they check out.  Everything will be recorded under the name you register under.

Important Information:

Last day for Orders: November 18, 2018

Orders to be picked up: November 28, 2018 at the school.

Please contact Adrienne Sample, asample37@gmail.com with any questions.”

Happy and delicious shopping, everyone!