Our Gift To You

Attached you will find the new Music Calendar and it’s a doozy, detailing December AND January events.

Curiously, the calendar does not have a set date for ‘Shower Your Music Teachers With Gifts’, from which we must infer that Mr. Bell and Mr. Brown will accept gifts EVERY day.  Some suggestions:

Mr. Bell is partial to Frappuccino’s, would like a piano that never needs tuning, and requests that Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” never, ever, ever receives airplay again.

Mr. Brown dreams of a tuxedo onesie suitable for lounging and the occasional concert, a pair of warm socks with the word BAMALAMA! stitched across the toes, and heartily seconds Mr. Bell’s “Wonderful Christmastime” sentiment.

Happy shopping!

Dec:January Calendar 2017