October Grocery Card Orders Due September 19th

Raise your arms and wave them around wildly if you’d like to earn cash for your Music Program student’s travel just by purchasing groceries.  

Now take a deep breath and cough.

Now open your mouth and say, “Aaaaaaaaaaaren’t you supposed to tell us how this fundraiser works?”

Quite right.  The Coles Notes version: each month, the EP Scarlett Music Parents Association (EPSMPA) purchases a bulk order of gift cards from Sobeys/Safeway and Calgary Co-op.  The grocers provide a rebate which is then deposited into your student’s travel account.  The more we purchase, the greater the rebate.  Last year, over $5,800 was distributed to participating families.

Full details on the program are found here.   
Order forms (if paying by cheque) are found here. 
If you prefer to order on-line and pay via E-Transfer, click here.

Orders for October MUST be in Mr. Bell and Mr. Brown’s office in the Band Room by the end of the school day on Thursday, September 19th (if ordering on-line and paying by E-Transfer, the funds must be received by 5 pm on the 19th).  Orders received after this date will not be processed for October.

The grocery cards should be ready for pick-up in the school’s Main Office on October 1st.    Cards will be handed out only to the person named on the order, or to the designated student.  

A small aside to Superstore shoppers: we traditionally have not participated in their bulk order program, as the rebates are significantly less than Sobeys/Safeway/Co-op.  However, if there is enough interest from families to meet Superstore’s minimum purchase amount every month, we will consider adding them to our list; please e-mail us at info@epsmpa.com to indicate your interest.