O Students, Students, Wherefore Art Thou Students?

A question we often get asked at this time of year is, “Is Major League baseball the most boring of all professional sports?”  It’s a difficult question, as what a person finds boring is subjective, but the answer is so clearly “yes” that we’re surprised people even ask.

Another other frequently asked question is, “Has everyone completed their on-line registration, as requested by the Music Directors?”  The answer to this question is also very clear: no.

With only 9 days until you are requested to visit the main band room at Scarlett (room 169, any time between 9 am and noon) to be fitted for your uniform, drop off your payments, pick-up fundraising packages and more, we are waiting for approximately 80% of Music Program students/families to complete this first step.  Click here to abandon this post and get ‘er done.  You can also click here, here , here, or →here.