MOONLIGHT KNIGHTS IS ALMOST HERE – Important information below:

Hello Scarlett Music Families,

Moonlight Knights is just three days away! Please go to the volunteer link below and sign up for your shift for the evening or for an extra shift if you are able to. We are short a few volunteers to help the evening run smoothly – especially in the concession – please consider signing up for a shift here.

Tickets: sales were sold out, but we just added a few to the stock numbers, so if there any last minute family members who would like to attend, there are an additional 28 tickets that have been added.

Please remember that you do not need a physical ticket. We have the master list! When you arrive, please give the name you purchased the tickets under or the student you are here for and we will check you off on the list.


SILENT AUCTION: families, students and the MLK committee have lined up a fantastic array of items for you to bid on during the evening. Place your bids and remember to check on them often prior to the closing times (these will be posted on each bid sheet). Minimum bid increase is 5.00. Bid sheets also have a “donated by” section, but there were some items that did not have the donation sheet filled in or it had become separated from the item in transportation. Please feel free to let us know if there is an error and we will gladly correct it on the bid sheet during the evening. Watch for a “sneak a peek” preview list to come out prior to the event.

Musical Chair Raffle and 50/50 draw. Please remember that the 50/50 draw is already growing and that you can purchase tickets now and the night of MLK. Come and also check out the Musical Chair Raffle that is back by popular demand. Please share the link with friends and family. You can find the link at the bottom of this post.

Remember to bring cash for the concession and Musical Chair Raffle. Silent Auction Items can be purchased with cash, cheque or credit card and the 50/50 draw can be purchased with cash or credit card.

Thank you everyone and see you all there!


MLK 2023 Organizing Committee