Moonlight Knights Gala Update

We’re not sure how you are spending your winter days, but here at the EP Scarlett Music Room and RV Sales, we are busy answering e-mails from our fans across the country.  Today’s letter comes from Anonymous who asks, “Moonlight Knights: what is it?

Well, Anonymous-if that even is your real name-the Moonlight Knights Gala is THE major fundraising event for the EP Scarlett Music Program: all EP Scarlett Music Program students benefit from the funds raised from this event.  This year’s Gala will be held on April 6th and preparations are well underway for the dinner, dance, and silent auction.

You will no doubt remember receiving your EP Scarlett Music Program Handbook in the mail last summer, ignoring the world as you breathlessly read each page, wondering how the author was going to tie all of the subplots-Code of Conduct, Music Philosophy, cufflinks- together, when you finally got to the vital two paragraphs that made the entire book make sense:

“[Moonlight Knights raises funds] by selling event tickets, and through fundraising activities such as raffles and a silent auction. Students canvas local businesses for donations, and we also ask that each family provides one new, unused item to be included in the silent auction. We will also accept cash donations that can be used toward the purchase of larger items for auction.

Additionally, all music parents are asked to participate in this event, by working on the planning committees, by assisting at the actual event, and/or by purchasing tickets to attend.”

Detailed information for parents and students regarding canvassing, silent auction donations, purchasing tickets for the event, selling WestJet raffle tickets, and how to sign up to assist with particular tasks will be coming to a blog near you within the next few weeks.

In the interest of not scaring you off, we’d like to point out that the amount of time required to assist with the Gala is, in most cases, minimal-some of us have fantasy hockey teams to manage, after all- and can be as little as as an hour or two on the night of the event.

For those with a few more hours to spare, we welcome you with open arms to the Moonlight Knights Committee, a group of parents organizing and coordinating the various moving parts of the evening.  We have a particular need for 3 or 4 more willing bodies to assist usno experience necessary.  There will be a Moonlight Knights planning meeting tomorrow night, January 16th, at 6:30 pm in the EP Scarlett Teacher Lounge (disclaimer: the lounge is NOT as fancy as it sounds), and we’d be thrilled to see you there.

Questions or concerns can be forwarded to Elaine Gidluck at

If you have attended Moonlight Knights before, you already know this is a fantastic event: it’s a memorable night and a favourite of both students and attendees.  If this is your first go-round, you will be amazed at the talent displayed.  We encourage you to save the date, and look forward to your support!