Moonlight Knights Gala Update

The 38th annual Moonlight Knights Gala is just under one month away, and like a spoonful of Nutella after a brisk walk in the spring-like air, you KNOW it’s going to be good.

Some updates on our ‘Under The Big Top‘ event:

Tickets for the Gala: we’ve got them!  Find out how to purchase here.

WestJet raffle tickets: we’re selling them!  For $10, you could win two tickets to anywhere WestJet flies.  Contact for information on how to purchase yours in advance, or take your chances and purchase on the night of the Gala (assuming they have not sold out).

Silent Auction Donations: are gratefully accepted!  Family and/or corporate donations, and donations obtained from student canvassing, are highly appreciated–donations can be brought to the Music Room office or delivered directly to 114 Lake Erie Place SE.  The MLK Committee respectfully requests donations be brought in by March 16th, to give them sufficient time to organize all of the items.  Please remember to complete and attach the MLK Parent Record of Donation For Silent Auction.

Volunteers for the Gala: we need them!  See the list of areas that require assistance on the night of the event here.

Student snacks: they’ll need them!  Check out the list of requested items here.

The Gala’s evening schedule: we’ll post it!  Right here, as a matter of fact.  Coordinate your evening’s volunteering and silent auctioneering around your student’s performance.

Any questions or concerns regarding Moonlight Knights can be directed to

We are truly appreciative of your support,                                                                                   be it financial and/or of time and energy, of this event.