2022 Moonlight Knights Gala Information

For over 40 years, the Scarlett Music Program has held a Moonlight Knights Gala at the school, from which all proceeds go towards the Music Program’s General Fund.

Few organizations exist without the need for fundraising, and our Music Program is no exception.  The Gala offers a night of great food with a catered dinner, exceptional entertainment provided by the Music Program students, fun for guests with a Silent Auction and a dance (which the students get to enjoy as well), and the chance to win $500 with our Musical Chairs draw.

The Gala will take place on April 8, 2022 at Dr. EP Scarlett High School and many volunteers will be required to make this evening a success. The EPSMPA will be actively recruiting for parents/guardians to help with the organization of the Silent Auction, the dinner, the (non-alcoholic) bar, decorating, ticket sales, snacks for the students, and more. Ideally, a minimum of 12 hearty, willing souls is required to plan the event (planning sessions typically start in October) and many more are needed to keep the event running smoothly on the night of.

Much more information is to come and volunteer recruitment will be relentless! Please reach out to the EPSMPA at info@epsmpa.com to be first on the list and have your pick of the prized volunteer positions.