Mid-April Music Program Notes And News

Upcoming Seattle Trip (April 18th to 23rd)

Mr. Brown and Mr. Bell have made a list, checked it twice, and sent it out to all families of students that are participating in the upcoming trip to Seattle.  If you wish to avoid a repeat of the last trip your student took, wherein the contents of their suitcase consisted of fourteen t-shirts, two pairs of socks, a package of breath mints, and a stack of Aéropostale receipts from 2012, we encourage you to check out the packing list and daily itinerary found here.

Moonlight Knights Recap

The MLK Organizing Committee would like to thank the many, many people that helped make the 2018 Moonlight Knights Gala successful: the student canvassers and performers, the families that provided silent auction donations, those that helped sell WestJet raffle tickets to family and friends, the many individuals that donated their time on the afternoon and evening of the event and/or food for the students, the student leadership team, everyone that purchased Gala tickets and silent auction items, Mr. Brown and Mr. Bell…if we have missed someone it is not intentional!

The Gala raised between $14,000 and $15,000 this year, and proceeds will be used to benefit all Music Program students.  Fantastic photos of the event, taken by teacher Mr. Prost, can be viewed here.

Planning for next years Gala—the 39th—will begin in earnest in the fall of 2018 but preliminary work is already underway.  We welcome not only your suggestions and comments on this years event (e-mail us at epscarlettmoonlightknights@yahoo.com) but also some additional bodies to help with next year.  Apply early to receive prime consideration for a spot on the committee!  Ha ha, just kidding, we’ll take anybody.  The tasks are not hard, and the committee members are—not to toot our own horn here or anything—downright amazing people, so you cannot help but be burnished by greatness as you work alongside them.  Contact us for information on where you can help.

EPSMPA (EP Scarlett Music Parents Association) Update

Did you know?  By virtue of having a student in the EP Scarlett Music Program, you are automatically a member of the Music Parents’ Association.  [Note to self: check on feasibility of ordering matching beanies for all music parents]

As per the Handbook you memorized previously, “EPSMPA is a non-profit organization that supports, promotes and enriches the music program. EPSMPA helps by coordinating chaperones and parental support as needed, fundraising to help support concerts, festivals, tours, instruments, facilities, clinicians and financial assistance.”

The EPSMPA will be in dire need of three (3) volunteers to fill the following key positions next year

  • Chairperson: Responsible for chairing monthly meetings and preparing the agenda. Coordinates activities of EPSMPA and serves as liaison between music directors and EPSMPA.
  • Treasurer: Prepares budget with music directors, reviews tour budgets, prepares financial statements, maintain EPSMPA financial records and student tour accounts.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Responsible for coordinating volunteers for the various activities and field trips of the EPS music program.

As we bid farewell to John Heida, David Shaw, and Stacie Enns (chairperson, treasurer, and volunteer coordinator, respectively), we remind ourselves that the EPSMPA will be hopelessly lost without them and cry bitter tears.

The Parents Association will need a few selfless, kind individuals *stares in your direction in a non-threatening wayto step forward to fill these gaps and help ensure the continued success of the Music Program.  If this sounds like you [Note: this sounds exactly like you], please join the EPSMPA Executive at their next meeting on May 8th at 6:30 pm in the Scarlett teacher’s lounge, or contact The A+ Leaders Of The ‘B’ Team at PJBrown@cbe.ab.ca or JIBell@cbe.ab.ca for more information.

Only Tangentially Related To The Music Program But Exciting Nonetheless

You may have heard that last weekend, the EP Scarlett Robotics Team—which includes members that are also in Music Program— qualified for the FIRST World Championships in Houston, an incredible accomplishment!  This is the first time that a Scarlett team has been given this opportunity, and they need some financial assistance to get them there.

Consider supporting this driven, dedicated and talented group of students by contributing to their GoFundMe account, found here.