May’s Grocery Card Orders Are Due April 17th

Life, as we all know, is like a box of mangos purchased in varying stages of ripeness—some green, some light yellow, one dark yellow—and you think, ‘this is great; each morning there will be another one ready to eat ‘ and then a mere two days later you look in the box to pick out your morning mango and find that all of them—overnight, really—have turned dark yellow and are basically daring you to consume them immediately, resulting in a frantic googling of topics such as ‘how long before mangos turn mushy’ and ‘world record mango eating’ and ‘mango tummy ache cure’, namely, that it happens faster than you expect.

Case in point: it’s already time to bring in your orders for May’s grocery cards.  Orders must be dropped off in the Music Room office by the end of the day on April 17th to be included in the May delivery.  Alternatively, you can purchase yours via e-Transfer through our Music Program Store.