May/June Calendar And Upcoming Concerts Info

What with all the crazy things going on in the world—the wild first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the surprising arrival of Beyonce’s ‘Homecoming’ documentary on Netflix, a recipe we just discovered for pecan pie served with turkey gravy that is apparently not a joke—it’s reassuring to know the B’s are keeping their wits about them and helping us keep ours, too.  

Example: the May/June Music Program Calendar is here, a full week ahead of schedule and ready to help keep us on track, along with instructions for the Spring Concert and Grad Ceremony performances.

Also, even though it is not marked on the calendar, May 8th has been designated ‘Ankle Surgery Awareness Day’, when we wear our fanciest socks and send good wishes to Mr. Bell for a speedy recovery.  May he be standing upright, on his own two feet and ankles, very soon.

May-June 2019 Calendar.jpg

Spring Concert Instructions 2019