March Music Calendar Has Arrived

We presume that many of our readers wonder how Mr. Brown and Mr. Bell manage to work so well as a team.  And it’s true—they are a wonder.

However, no partnership is without some strife, and there was one dark day, ages and ages ago, when it all threatened to come undone.

It was mid-February.  The Wind Ensemble had yet to play what was to be their showcase festival piece in its entirety, the choir’s entire soprano section was out with laryngitis, Symphonic Band had no one to play the cowbell.

During the course of what was supposed to be a genial debate as to their course of action, Mr. Brown opined that Wynton Marsalis’ album, Vitoria Suite, was somewhat overrated.  Surprised, Mr. Bell responded with a remark that Stampede Showband uniforms looked scratchy.  And though just moments ago there had been peace and quiet discussion, the fight was now ON.

Scores shredded.  Batons busted.  Accusations of cooking fish in the Music Room microwave hurled.  This went on for what seemed like minutes but was actually only several seconds when they both realized that this was ridiculous: they weren’t angry, they were simply teachers in an under-appreciated, work-intense profession, and they were just a stressed and a bit hungry.

And together they laughed and laughed as they worked to repair the large dent in Mr. Bell’s desk left by Mr. Brown’s shoe.

Ever since then, these two Music Directors have agreed on pretty much everything, including that the March Music Calendar is ready to be viewed here and/or below.

March Music Calendar .jpg