Instructions For Tomorrow’s Uniform Return

It’s going to be a beautiful day tomorrow, so remember: Sun’s out, buns out! of your garment bags and uniform pockets, as well as anything else that doesn’t belong, such as cheese strings, Kleenex, the neck strap you thought you had lost, etc etc in preparation for your uniform return.  Additional helpful instruction is found on the Scarlett Uniform Return Sheet; please complete and hand in with your uniform to make the return process much easier and quicker.  

Uniform Coordinator Leah Sunborn of the House Ellis, Best of her Name, the Unfazed, Queen of the Coordinators, Khaleesi of the Great Hangers, Fixer of Cummerbunds, and Mother of Teenagers will be on hand to collect uniforms and make sure all pieces are in good shape and accounted for.

Uniform collection will begin at 7:45 am just outside of the Band Room, and will continue until the end of Flex.  If you are unable to return your uniform during this time, please have it dry-cleaned at your own expense and return it no later than Friday, June 7th.  

Questions can be directed to Leah at

Scarlett Uniform Return Sheet