Info On Tomorrow’s 59 Minute Fundraiser

“When winter hands you too much snow, make cookies.” — Benjamin Franklin, probably

The Music Program’s 59 Minute Fundraiser is tomorrow at 1:30, with participating students selling tubs of cookie dough to discerning purchasers.  This fundraiser can be very successful and bring in some funds for your student.  The cookie dough is $17 per tub, with 3 deluxe flavours at $20 per tub, as well as peanut-free and gluten-free options.

Order forms do not need to be returned until February 14th, so there will be additional time after tomorrow’s phone blitz to contact interested parties.  

Click below for a suggested phone script, order form, and success list (a list of contacts to call that your student can bring in tomorrow).

59 Minute Fundraiser Script

59 Minute Fundraiser Order Form

Success List

If we can sell 370 tubs as a group then the students will make 40% per sale (sales below that threshold will result in lower percentage payouts).  10 deluxe tubs could be $80 towards band trips, 20 would be $160, and 30 would be….well, you get the idea.

The Chocolate Chip, Triple Crown, and White Chunky Macadamia flavours come in pucks, which are pre portioned and frozen in smaller sealed batches.  These are awesome for camping, as you can take one small pre-portioned pack with you, and voila, you have made a hot, tasty dessert while out in the woods!

Completed order forms need to be back by Feb. 14th and delivery will be around March 9th (stay tuned for details).