Help Needed For The Winter Concert And Purdys Chocolate Sorting

You may not be aware that in recent years, Santa has softened his policy on “naughty list=lump of coal”, because although natural gas is better for the environment than coal, it’s also much more difficult to put into a stocking, and it’s hard to find a suitable, environmentally friendly replacement.

The new policy is that those on the naughty list simply receive a downgrade from their requested gift items.  For example:
-instead of a Netflix subscription, receive Amazon Prime (or worse: Crave)
-rather than a new iPhone 8, receive a Blackberry Curve
-in lieu of gift cards to purchase some good tunes, receive a Spotify account pre-loaded with only albums by Drake

And of course we don’t know which names are on the naughty list—the North Pole takes your privacy very seriously—but who among us couldn’t use a little burnishing of our reputation with some volunteer work, especially at this time of year?  Don’t you want the new iPhone 8?

Enter Sandi and Adrienne, EPSMPA Volunteer Coordinator and Purdys Fundraising Coordinator, respectively.

  • Sandi could use three (3) more chaperones for the upcoming Winter Concert this Thursday.  If you are not able to meet the students and Music Directors at the school, but can meet them at the Bella Concert Hall at MRU at around 4:45 pm, that works too.  Sign up here:
  • Adrienne could use a few helpers to sort the Purdys chocolate orders tomorrow night, at her home in Auburn Bay, from 6 pm to 7:30 pm. E-mail Adrienne at asample37@gmail.comto book your spot.  FYI, your Purdys orders will be ready for pick up at the school on Wednesday afternoon, from 3 pm until 6 pm. 

Any and all help is 100% truly and honestly appreciated!