February Music Calendar Flying Off The Shelves

The design team of Bell and Brown sent their February Calendar collection down the runway this afternoon, and the reviews from critics and fans alike are glowing.  Said one enthusiast, “When I realized that January was about to sashay away and that a new February calendar would soon be revealed, I immediately donated all of my old calendars to make room for the new one.”  Chimed another, “For me personally, the January calendar no longer sparked joy, but this…this I’m going to love for at least 29 days.”
Noted one critic, “At first glance, this is a classic Bell and Brown calendar—the first several days of the month look very similar, but those who have studied their past work will notice the subtle differences.  For example, there is Early Morning Band almost every day, but it alternates between grade 10, Symphonic and Wind Ensemble.  It’s these clever little twists that keep the collection fresh right through to the end of the month.  Plus, I adore the five day mini-break in the middle—an amusing little touch and so fun!”
It’s clear the February Calendar is the new ‘must have’ accessory of the month.  Get yours today before they’re gone.
February 2020 Calendar