February Grocery Card Orders Due January 22nd

Grocery card purchasers, this note’s for you: orders for February grocery cards are due in the MUSIC ROOM* by noon Tuesday (January 22nd).

Alternatively, you can order your cards on-line through the EP Scarlett Music Program Store.  E-transfer is the only recommended payment option for on-line orders—though there is an option to pay for grocery cards with credit, the credit processing fees are significant and will be deducted from your rebate.

*We do not guarantee receipt and delivery of orders that have been dropped off in any other location, as orders dropped off in locations other than the Music Room have a tendency to disappear for several weeks—sometimes forever—as if they were part of the Witness Protection Program and are now living in Canora, Saskatchewan with freshly dyed hair and a new name.
And though the Grocery Card Coordinator agrees that ‘Find The Missing Cheque’ is an extremely fun game that would probably be a big hit at a team-building event, no one else will play it with her!  This makes her sad.  Use the Music Room drop-box for your orders and turn her frown upside down.