FAQ’s About Upcoming Events (Artio, Seattle Trip Meeting, WFTS, and More)

I can’t quite remember…is February 27th the choir concert with Artio at St. Gerard’s Church, where choir students need to arrive in uniform by 6:30 pm, and the concert starts at 7:30, admission by donation?  


How about February 28th?  Anything happening then? 

Sure is.  At 5:15 pm, there will be a second meeting at the school to go over the Seattle trip details, for any parents/guardians that were unable to make the first meeting.

Will there be cake?  

There will not be cake.

What else do I need to know?  

Oooh boy, where do we start?  Winds From The South is March 6th at the Jack Singer, and ticket order forms can be found here, though we regret to inform you that you have missed the “early bird” pricing, and tickets are now $15.

However!  WFTS volunteers receive a free ticket to the concert for their efforts, so you could make it up to your pocketbook by providing some chaperoning services on the afternoon and evening of the 6th [coughs discreetly, looks around innocently].  Link to sign up is here.

Will there be reminders at WFTS to purchase Moonlight Knights Gala tickets? 

Yes, and it’s scary how you are reading our mind right now!  Tickets for the April 6th MLK Gala are available for on-line purchase here and as seating is assigned on a first come, first served basis, we encourage everyone to get their tickets as soon as possible.  HINT.

It’s almost my bedtime; surely there can’t be any other reminders of upcoming events?  

We’ll be quick:

March 8th morning-Jazz 2 @ AIBF

March 8 afternoon-Jazz Combo @ AIBF (side note: 1 chaperone needed, sign up here.)

March 9th morning-Jazz 1 @ AIBF (second side note: 1 chaperone needed, sign up here.)

March 16th afternoon-Choir @ Choralfest (third side note: 2 chaperones needed, sign up here.)

That’s it!  Now get your jammies on, brush your teeth, and we’ll tuck you in just as soon as we’ve published this post.