FAQ’s About The Moonlight Knights Gala, Gift Baskets, and Student Canvassing

The 2020 Gala Organizing Committee has emerged from their den and are ready to take your questions.  

Remind me: When is the Gala and can I still purchase tickets? 
Our annual dinner and dance extravaganza is on April 9, at the school.  Festivities begin at 6 pm and will end between 10:00 and 10:30 pm.  Tickets are available here ($50 each, or $360 for a table of 8) or contact the Organizing Committee at info@epsmpa.com.  April 2 is the last day to purchase tickets, as the caterer needs a definite number of guests a week in advance.  

What if something unexpected occurred—and I definitely can’t think of anything specific, this is purely hypothetical—that would require the Gala to be postponed.  Do I get a refund for my tickets?
If the Gala does not proceed as planned on April 9, tickets will be refunded in full and a new date announced as soon as possible.  

You need volunteers? 
How are you reading our minds?!  Incredible.  Yes we need volunteers and a few other things as well for the afternoon and evening of the 9th, the list and signup is found here.

I’ve heard parents are asked to supply an item for a gift basket…what’s that about?
The Gala includes a Silent Auction, and in previous years families were asked to donate an item of their choice to be auctioned.  
This year, the Music Program students have been divided into groups, and each group has been assigned a particular gift basket theme and canvassing area (more on canvassing below). 
An email detailing each group’s theme and suggestions for basket items has been sent to students and families. We are asking families to donate an item(s) worth at least $10 that fits the theme their student has been assigned; the items will be put together into gift baskets that will be auctioned and raffled off the night of the Gala.  
If you did not receive the email, please contact us at info@epsmpa.com.  

Families donating an item are entered into a draw to win $50, providing the item is received by March 19.  

So I don’t have to purchase everything on the list of suggested items? 
Nope.  Pick one or a few items, depending on your budget.  If you would prefer to donate something that fits the theme but is not on the list of suggested items, feel free to do so.  
If you want to know what has already been purchased for your group’s basket, click here.

Where do I bring my gift basket donations?  Is there a due date?  
These can be dropped off in the Music Room office, or contact us at info@epsmpa.com if you would like us to pick up from you directly.  Ensure donations have your student’s name on it so that we can properly credit you.  
Gift basket donations need to be received by March 19 to be entered into the draw for $50.  While donations will be gratefully accepted after that date, earlier is preferred to allow time for the Organizing Committee to put the baskets together.  

Would you accept additional auction donations, or cash donations?  My employer/friend/neighbour is interested in supporting your cause.  
YES!  YES!  A thousand times yes!  A tax receipt can be provided for cash donations over $20; contact us at info@epsmpa.com for details.  

Students are asked to help provide items for the Auction as well, correct?
Indeed.  Just like activities such as hockey, soccer, dance, etc, fundraising for the Music Program is a necessity and everyone is asked to pitch in.  
As in past years, students are asked to canvass area businesses for donations for the Auction.  They have been divided into groups, picked a specific area to canvass, and a member of the group should have envelopes with a map of their area, donation letters, records of donations and canvassing tips.
An email with PDF’s of the same documents as in the envelopes has been sent to all students and their families.  If you did not receive this email, please contact us at info@epsmpa.com.
Donations obtained from canvassing can be anything the business feels they are able to provide. 

Where do students bring donations obtained from their canvassing?  Is there a due date?  
Donations can be dropped off in the Music Room office, or contact the Organizing Committee at info@epsmpa.com to arrange pick up.  Donations from student canvassing are due on April 3, to give the Committee time to prepare them for the Auction.  The prize for top canvassing team is $250. 

Do you appreciate our help and support?  
More than we can say.