Cookie Dough Pick-Up and Grocery Card Order Reminder

It’s almost Spring, and we know what you’re envisioning: you cruising in a convertible, fresh baked cookies in one hand, grocery cards in the other (are you steering with your knees?!  That’s very dangerous!), the fresh breeze playfully ruffling your hair…

We’re here to make your dreams come true!  Cookie dough ordered through the 59 Minute Fundraiser is to be picked up today (March 19th) after school, and orders for April grocery cards (forms found here) are due in the Music Room office by tomorrow (March 20th) noon.  (We regret to inform that acquiring a convertible is your responsibility).

If you are not able to pick up your cookie dough after school today, please contact Adrienne at to arrange an evening pick-up before Wednesday, so that Adrienne can enjoy Spring Break with a clear conscience and an empty freezer.