Chocolates and Concerts (aka The Great Big C’s)

Though we do not wish to alarm anyone, we feel it is prudent to advise that two important deadlines are approaching for the EP Scarlett Music Program.

1. The last day to order Purdys chocolates is November 25th, and you’ll definitely want some extra boxes of treats on hand to present to your butler, valet, head gardener, exotic animal tamer, etc.  Your gift last year of a firm handshake and a pat on the shoulder will not go over well a second time.  The link to view the catalog and place orders is 

2. Advance Winter Concert tickets will be on sale in the Music Office until November 29th.  Tickets CAN be purchased the night of the concert, but you might forget your wallet, and then you’ll have to get your valet to call your butler to have the head gardener dig up the lawn to find your lockbox of cash, and then send your animal tamer to the Bella but her bus gets delayed, by which point you’ve missed the Concert entirely and you’ll return home, dejected, only to find “someone” has “accidentally” let the cheetah roam freely in your bedroom.  Plan ahead and avoid the stress: get your tickets today.  Cost is $12 each, no order forms necessary, and cheques should be made payable to EPSMPA.