Cash Calendar Ticket Return and Jazz Shirt Payment Reminders

Why does this blog exist?  Is it just so that we can express our appreciation for Royal Weddings and our disdain for Paul McCartney’s ‘Wonderful Christmastime’?  We wish, because we’d never run out of things to say!

But our contract says we “must use the blog for the primary purpose of conveying important information about the EP Scarlett Music Program and its affiliates, subsidiaries, franchises, and door-to-door hot tub sales force”, so here goes:

  1. There are only 21 days left to sell and return your cash calendar tickets to the Music Room office.  The due date for return of tickets and the sale proceeds is November 26th.  The first draw is November 29th at the Winter Concert.  For those families that volunteered to sell more than the minimum requested amount:Thanks-Dog.jpg
  2. Jazz Shirt payments are now overdue.  Please remit the $57 fee either by cash or cheque (cheques to be made payable to EPSMPA) to the Music Room office, or by debit or credit through our on-line store found here.. Your prompt payment would be especially appreciated by Mr. Bell, who would rather be selling hot tubs door-to-door than sending out payment reminders.