In case you missed the Music Directors’ message from earlier today:

Good morning all,

The concert band portion of the AIBF ended yesterday and the results were announced last night. Our music students were incredible!

The adjudicators sit a 2 different tables and assess the performances independently. Elements of the performance are scored as Fair, Good, Excellent, or Superior (see the attached photo). At the end, the adjudicators determine an overall score. If both adjudicators score a band as Superior, then a gold award is presented.

Here are Scarlett’s results:

Scarlett Gr. 10 Concert Band – Excellent, Excellent

Scarlett Wind Ensemble – Superior, Superior = Gold Award

Scarlett Symphonic Band  – Superior, Superior = Gold Award

In addition to these great marks, The Symphonic Band won the “Most Outstanding Percussion Section Award”

48 high school bands performed in the festival this year and 2 bands were named the “Most Outstanding Concert Band”.  Our Wind Ensemble was one of them! YAY!

Scarlett 2020 AIBF Awards