Hello music families!

Our uniform coordinator Leah Ellis with the help of some very kind volunteers, have been doing some great work here at the school. Over the past two weeks, they have sized, fitted, and distributed a uniform to each musician in our program. This was an enormous undertaking and Jonathan and I would like to thank them all very much! Your child’s uniform should be at home now. Students were given a choice between a masculine or feminine style uniform. If you received a tuxedo, the pants (and potentially the sleeves) will need to be hemmed prior to the concert on December 2nd. Please do not cut the cloth during this process. In the pocket of the uniform bag, you will find a black bow tie and cummerbund (band) and/or blue bow tie (choir) . Please note that all uniform pieces are dry clean only. The uniforms have been dry cleaned for you and will be cleaned again in June by the EPSMPA.  

UNIFORM PARTS NOT SUPPLIED – All uniforms will require additional parts that are not included in uniform bag:

Feminine band uniform – Black shoes, black stockings

Feminine choir uniform – Black shoes, black stockings, black camisole

Masculine uniform – Tuxedo shirt, cufflinks and studs, black shoes, black socks


Option 1 – Parents are welcome to shop for these items on their own, however Leah has done some legwork on this and the supply in the city is limited.

Option 2 – Leah has put together a bulk order for these items. Sizes were taken for Gr 10 and 11 students that have yet to wear a tuxedo and for grade 12’s who changed size since last wearing a tux. She has also negotiated a great price of $45 for all three items.  Thank you Leah! The tux shirt package will arrive sometime next week and distribution will be fast. When the announcement is sent out about their arrival, please submit $45 by cheque or cash to the music office to receive one.

Information will be coming out soon about the concert on December 2nd and ticket sales for the event. We are excited and hope to see you there!

Paul Brown and Jonathan Bell