Attention Music Families

Afternoon everyone, as we get back up and running with our music program here at Scarlett and start to engage in travel, concerts etc. we are asking you, our musical family, for a bit of help in spreading the word about our program and the positive impact it has had on the lives of your children.

If you know of any grade 9 students/families who will be attending Scarlett next year and be interested in singing or playing with us, please do not hesitate reaching out and/or sharing our contact information. We are in particular need of singers (from any of the three grades). We are also aware of the challenges and decisions that have been made at schools throughout the city and how they have impacted student experience, particularly as it relates to music. We recognize that experience levels at junior high have varied over the last few years, and we want future Lancer families to know that everyone is welcome in our program. We are looking forward to working with and developing some incredible musicians into the future as we move forward.