April 6th Moonlight Knights Gala Reminder

We are two short days away from April 6th and the Moonlight Knights Gala, when the EP Scarlett Music Program directors and students will entertain guests during the dinner, dance and silent auction.  And we are only three short days away from April 7th, when the Music Program directors and Moonlight Knights volunteers will collapse in an exhausted heap on their couches and remain there for at least 12 hours.  Please bring them food and water as necessary.

If you have purchased tickets to the Gala, you will have received an e-mail with your tickets as well as a primer to help you get the most out of your evening.  If you have not received this e-mail, please contact the Moonlight Knights Committee at epscarlettmoonlightknights@yahoo.com.

We have a few exciting volunteer opportunities still available to fill later on in the evening, specifically with collecting payments for silent auction items, and keeping an eye on the student snack table (replenishing food and general tidying).  Some additional help is also requested to take down the bar, silent auction, and student snack tables, and to take care of refundables.  Check out the list of volunteer needs for the night of MLK here.

The Moonlight Knights Committee respectfully requests that everyone chip in to help put the school back to rights at the end of the night.  This includes dismantling the stage, putting stage, stands and chairs back into storage/band room, clearing dinner tables and moving them back to cafeteria, removing decor (please save it as it is being used for another school’s event), etc, in addition the the aforementioned help in the bar, silent auction, and student snack areas.

Music Program families and students have been a huge support to the Moonlight Knights Committee by volunteering the morning and/or evening of the Gala, providing snacks for students, canvassing for silent auction items, selling Gala and WestJet raffle tickets to friends and family (and sometimes doing all of the above!)… the Committee can’t thank you enough.  We truly appreciate it.