Ad-Mazing Coupon Books and Cash Calendar Updates

Today in “We Can’t Believe We Didn’t Think Of This Sooner”, the order forms for the Ad-Mazing coupon books can now be obtained through the blog.  Click here to be directed to the Ad-Mazing info page which will also have the link to the order form.  Each book you sell contributes $9.50 towards your student’s travel account, and will be available to sell until mid-October.

Also, if you were not able to make it to the early registration day on August 30th, your allotted Cash Calendar tickets will be handed out to your Music Program student this week.  As per the information package that was mailed to families over the summer, the Cash Calendar tickets are a fundraiser for the Music Program as a whole, and proceeds benefit each and every student.  Tickets are $10 each, and each family is asked to sell a minimum of 5 tickets.  

Sold tickets and the cash from the sales can be returned to the Music Room office anytime before November 25th.  All tickets, whether sold or unsold, MUST be returned to the Music Room by this date.  

A few intrepid families have asked if they could sell more than the allotted 5 tickets, and the answer is, “Yes, yes!  A thousand times yes!”  To those families we say,


If YOU would liked to be thanked via meme on this blog by selling extra Cash Calendar tickets, please contact us at  We do home delivery!