For 40 years, the Scarlett Music Program has held a Moonlight Knights Gala at the school, from which all proceeds go towards the Music Program’s General Fund. This year’s Gala will take place on April 9.

Few organizations exist without the need for fundraising, and our Music Program is no exception.  The Gala offers a night of great food catered by An Affair To Remember, exceptional entertainment provided by loved ones, some fun for guests with a Silent Auction and a dance (which the students enjoy as well),  and the chance to win $500 with our Musical Chairs draw.

To celebrate the 40th year of this Gala, tickets will be available at for $40 for 4 days only, from February 18 to 21.

Tickets will be $50 from February 22 to April 2, at

Payment is accepted with credit card or e-transfer.  If you prefer to pay with cash or cheque, please contact the Organizing Committee at
Seating is assigned on a first come/first serve basis.  No tickets will be available after April 2, and will not be available at the door.

The success of the Gala and the EPSMPA’s ability to maintain the Music Program depends on the support of parents and students.  

Support From Parents
Many volunteers to help set-up during the day and evening of the Gala, as well as donations for the student snack table, will be required.  Peruse the list and sign up here.

In addition to inviting friends and family to join them at the Gala, in past years the Scarlett Music Program has requested each family donate a new item of their choice that would be part of the Silent Auction.

This year, we are doing things a bit differently.  Instead of asking for pricier, individual items, we will be asking for donation of a new item(s) with a value of at least $10 that will fit a particular theme.  These items will then be organized into gift baskets, which will be auctioned and raffled off the night of the event. Please drop off your gift basket donation in the Music Room before March 19.  

All Music Program students have been divided into groups and each group will be assigned a gift basket theme (some groups may already have their assigned theme).  We will notify you of your student’s group theme, and provide suggestions on items that will fit that theme.  

Support From Students
As in previous years, a presentation has been given to Music Program students on canvassing local businesses and all students have been divided into groups of 6 to 8. If they have not already, they will pick specific areas in southwest Calgary to ask businesses for silent auction donations.  In the past, the canvassing done by students has played a major role in the success of the Gala.

The groups are large enough that it should only take an hour or two total for each group to canvassing their specific area, as we try to be respectful of other commitments that students have.  Canvassing donations should be brought to the Music Room before April 3.

Please note that donations from families should fit the theme of the gift basket that will have been assigned, whereas donations obtained by students through their canvassing can be anything the business feels they are able to provide.


Gift Baskets: each family that provides an item for their assigned gift basket theme will be entered into a draw to win $50.
Additionally, if all team members have brought in an item from their parents/guardians for their team’s themed gift basket, the team will be entered into a draw for $100.
Please drop off your gift basket donation in the Music Room before March 19.  

Student Canvassing: points will be awarded to each team based on the number of items that they have obtained from businesses in their canvassing area, combined with total amount raised by the sale of those items at the Auction.  The prize for the top canvassing team will be $250 (divided among those students that participated).
Canvassing donations should be brought to the Music Room before April 3.

Should you have any questions about the Moonlight Knights Gala, please contact us at  The 2020 Moonlight Knights Gala Organizing Committee sincerely thanks you for your support.