2018/2019 Online Music Program Registration Is Now Open

Like your own personal harbinger of doom, we’re here to remind you there’s only 3 weeks left of summer holidays.  We’ll pause here to give you a moment to scream into a pillow.
Okay!  Excellent screaming everyone.  So, all new and returning students should have received a package from the EP Scarlett Music Program in the mail.  Returning students will note the package is much smaller than in previous years: in an effort to reduce paper, administration work, costs, and—most importantly—paper cuts, all of the information on the program and the required forms (Handbook, CBE Music Instrument Rental Agreement, CBE Volunteer Form) are now found on our blog at epscarlettmusic.com.

Also new: online registration!  All music program families are required to register online through our blog, prior to August 30th.  This will take you no more than 5.36 minutes and is so easy that you’ll brag about it to your friends.  Find it on the blog main page under Registration Form and Required Documents, or take the easy route and click here.

Third new thing: online Music Program fee payment option!  The $285 annual fee can now be paid on-line via PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account if you are paying by credit card; you WILL need a PayPal account (which is free to set up) if you wish to pay by debit.  The option to pay online will be offered during the online registration process, and you will be directed automatically to PayPal once your registration is complete.

If you do not wish to pay by credit or debit, the online registration tool will detail your options for payment by cheque or cash (you can also find this information on page 9 of the Handbook).

Once you have completed your on-line registration and made note of the documents/payments you will need to provide, all that’s left to do is sit back, relax, watch the last few episodes of Season 8 of The Great British Baking Show and wait for August 30th.

ALL Music Program students are asked to report to the main band room at Scarlett (room 169) on August 30th, between 9 am and noon.  In addition to students being sized for uniforms, we will be collecting cheques for uniform deposits, Music Program and Instrument Rental fees (if paying by cheque or cash) and all applicable documents that were listed for you when you completed the online registration.  Students will also pick up their envelope of tickets for the Cash Calendar fundraiser that benefits the entire Music Program.  Information on the Cash Calendar is found here.

A word about fundraising for your student specifically: there will be several opportunities to fundraise for individual students throughout the year.  Order forms for the Ad-Mazing Coupon Books will be available for pick-up in the main band room starting on August 30th, and the promotion will run throughout September and October.  The grocery card fundraiser runs throughout the entire school year with the first order collected on September 15th for delivery October 1st.
Additional information on the Ad-Mazing Books is found here, and additional information and order forms for the grocery cards are found here.  We’ll provide updates on any other fundraising opportunities as they arise.

Final note: if you are no longer part of the EP Scarlett Music Program and do not want to receive updates from us, then firstly how dare you, and secondly you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of this e-mail.  We wish you nothing but the best (honestly, no snark).